Welcome to the X-Gays! We're x-tra glad you've stopped by. The X-Gays is a monthly geekified podcast dedicated to comics, the X-Men and NSFW sex talk and un-PC humor. Created by the very gay Brian Andersen and Jason Brock - who is busy becoming a celebrity singing sensation and no longer part of the show - each episode features Brian and a guest host who will dive into the monthly comic book released to offer gleeful reviews, oh-so-colorful opinions, and raunchy humor on all things geek. Listen, laugh and delight in this gay perspective on comic books and geek humor we all know and love!
We do not claim ownership of any Marvel intellectual property. This is a news-opinions podcast about X-Men - we do not claim to own or represent Marvel or DC properties. The opinions expressed in our materials are purely our own.
This page was last updated: October 19, 2011
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